Rotating lasers Vs New Generation Outdoor 360 Line Lasers

Traditionally if you wanted a laser level for general site levelling the type of laser you bought would be a rotating laser.  It was a simple selection as rotating lasers could provide levelling capability over a whole job site in any lighting conditions by using an electronic receiver and staff.  There were no alternatives.  In more recent years you could by a line laser with an electronic receiver but the range was limited to 30 or 60m and you could not cover the whole site in one go.  Today, however, with the introduction of RedBack Lasers NEW 360 line laser range this has all changed.  These new generation of 360 degree line lasers provide a full 360 degree coverage much like your rotating lasers and will operate up to 300m diameter again comparable with many rotating lasers.

Rotating lasers do still have a very important role to play in the laser levelling industry, particularly in setting grades and when a millimeter display receiver is required.  But, for general, basic site levelling a RedBack 360 line laser such as the 1L360+P Package is well worth considering.

So what are the Pro’s and Con’s of a basic rotating laser compared to a RedBack 360 line laser with receiver?

So in conclusion if you are looking for a basic site levelling laser for house sized blocks and like the idea of having the ability of using the laser also for interior fit out jobs then a RedBack 360 line laser is the way to go and with Li-ion superior rechargeable batteries as standard are great value.  If you are needing a laser for larger sites such as civil, commercial or agricultural and may want to use a machine receiver and you may need features such as grade then one of the Rotating laser level models is your best choice.

Check out one of RedBack Lasers indoor/outdoor 360 line models.

 1L360R+ with horizontal HERE,

2L360R+ with horiz & vertical HERE

3L360R+ with horiz & 2 vertical HERE

For RedBack Rotating Laser Ranges.

ARL509 basic rotating laser HERE

EL/EGL Electronic Levelling Range HERE

DGL Digital Grade Range HERE