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LR720 millimeter receiver display

What is the difference between a Millimeter Display receiver and a Standard Receiver?

Millimeter Display Receiver Vs Standard Receiver

The first thing to note here that we are talking about receivers for Rotating Lasers and not line lasers.  Currently there is not an option for a millimeter display receiver for pulsed line lasers.

A standard rotating laser receiver such as the RedBack LR715 indicates when the receiver is either above the level height of the laser plane , below the laser height or exactly on level.  There are a number of bars that give an indication of when you are moving the receiver closer to level but no more information than that.

A rotating Millimeter display receiver such as the RedBack LR720 provides the same information as the standard receiver but in addition it display how many millimeters above or below the level line the receiver actually is.

Another difference between these two receiver is the size of the reception window.  The LR715 has a  50mm reception window and the LR720 has 110mm which is more than double.  The LR720 will display up to +45mm and -45mm beyond that it will indicate “OUT” meaning its above or below this value.  The LR720 operates with both Red and Green beam rotaing lasers on both class II and 3r.

Why do you want a Millimeter readout?  There are a number of applications that this could be handy for but one is when roughly levelling ground works you may want to work within a plus or minus 10mm tolerance.  This is extremely quick and easy with the LR720 millimeter receiver as it displays this information.  With a standard LR715 receiver you will tend to be working to a 1mm, 3mm or 5mm tolerance depending on the accuracy setting selected for the level line, so will be spending time working to a finer tolerance that you actually need.

Another example would be for fit out applications such as windows.  Here you may find the one side of the window fitting is 5mm higher the the other side so you will instantly know that you will need a 5mm packer for that side.

Many RedBack rotating lasers such as the EL614 range, EGL624 range and DGL digital grade range lasers can be purchased with an LR720 millimeter receiver instead of the standard LR715 you can check out these EL/EGL ranges HERE and the DGL digital grade ranges HERE.

The RedBack LR720 millimeter receiver will operate with most red and green rotating lasers by other manufactures.  For details on purchasing the receiver on its own click HERE


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1L360 360 line laser outdoor levelling package

NEW Video for the RedBack 1L360R+P Builders Laser Package

RedBack Lasers release a NEW introduction video for the RedBack 1L360R+P Builders Laser Package.  The Package has a 300m diam 360 degree range using the included LLR705 Receiver Also included is a Li-ion Battery Power, Heavy Duty Tripod and 2.4m Staff. Making this laser ideal for general site levelling both inside and out. Great for builders. self builders and more.

RedBack Lasers 1L360R+P

For More details, Specifications and how to buy click HERE

More new videos to follow over the next few weeks.

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DGL1010GM Grade Axis Scope

Video release for DGL1010GM

RedBack Lasers is in the process of producing new informative videos on the RedBack range of lasers.

First off the rank is the introduction video for the RedBack DGL1010GM with digital grade and auto grade match.  the laser comes with millimeter receiver and Li-ion power as standard.

RedBack Lasers DGL1010GM

For More details, Specifications and how to buy click HERE

More new videos to follow over the next few weeks.

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RedBack Lasers green Dot Laser D273G

Introducing the new Dot Laser Range by RedBack Lasers

RedBack Lasers NEW Auto Levelling Dot Laser Range D27xx

RedBack Lasers has a new auto levelling dot laser range now in stock.  The range features 5 different models in red and Ultra bright green laser beams.  The D27xx range have outstanding build quality internally and a heavy duty rubberised outside casing.  Each model comes with a magnetic base, with both front and rear magnets.  The magnetic base allows the laser to freely rotate on the base making it easy to aim.  In addition the base has threads for both tripods with a camera sized 1/4″ or survey style 5/8″ threads.  The RedBack D27xx range of lasers feature a pendulum lock to provide durability during transit.  All RedBack lasers are checked and certified for calibration in Australia before dispatch and the D27xx range can be easily re-calibrated if required.  All models are powered by 3x “AA” batteries and come in a hard shell carry case with laser target.


Green Beam Models

First I shall look at the two green beam models available.  Both of these feature maximum visible class 3r green laser dots providing exceptional visible range (up to 60m) indoors and even outside at reduced range.  These models are ideal for larger installation, engineering and construction jobs such as in large warehouses or brightly lit rooms.  The two models available are the D272G which has two dots one up and one down for plumb applications.  The second is the D273G which has 3 dots, again plumb up and down plus a third dot for levelling.

Red Beam Models

There are three models available in the class 2 red beam.  These lasers although not as bright as the green beam ones have exceptional clarity and range (up to 30m).  These models are suited to all types of interior fit out and installation jobs.  The three models available include the D272R with 2 dots, D273R with 3 dots and the red exclusive model D275R with 5 dots.  The Later model features 5 dots, plumb up and down plus 3 horizontal level dots at 90 degrees to each other.  The additional jobs the D275R can do is squaring for internal walls, kitchens, bathrooms and much more.


Which ever model you choose you are getting the same professional trade quality and RedBack’s automatic 2 Year Warranty.

You can check out and compare the models available in more detail HERE

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The Sad but NOT Tragic story of a dropped RedBack 3L360G Laser Level

The True Story of a Dropped RedBack 3L360G laser level

Tools get dropped all the time, for a hammer or screwdriver this is not a problem.  For a precision laser level its not a recommended thing to do and sometimes results in buying a replacement laser level.

Here at RedBack Lasers we pride ourselves on supplying lasers built to the highest possible standards.  Many of our laser levels have a full steel safety cage chassis inside to provide maximum protection if dropped, knocked over or even run over.

In this case the laser in question was one of our new 3L360G 3x 360 line ultra bright green beam lasers.  The laser had suffered a major drop from a substantial height onto a solid surface landing on its top.

For many lasers being sold these days that would be the end of the story but for this RedBack laser things are not as bad as they may seem.  First of all the RedBack 3L360G has a cast metal housing over all three of its laser outputs.  As can be seen in the picture this housing, together with the glass, absorbed much of the energy.  On closer inspection the housing did not end up touching the laser output below it and the pendulum mechanism still moved freely.  Further testing showed that all, bar the horizontal beam, functioned.  These were all very good signs.

The Repair

First thing to do was to remove the damaged top cast metal cover.  On a RedBack 3L360G Laser this is pretty strait forward operation with just 4 screws.

After cleaning pieces of broken glass we then repaired the non functioning horizontal beam.  This turned out to be a simple detached fine hair wire.  Next the 3L360G was put back together and calibrated.  Again with a RedBack line laser calibration is simple as all our models have easy access calibration access holes, with dust covers.  Many others do not have this and so makes calibration a much harder process and some near impossible.

With calibration complete it was ready to ship and a very reasonable cost, far, far less than replacing the laser.


RedBack Lasers are not the same as many others out there on the market.  RedBack are built touch and designed to be repairable even after pretty major accidents such as with this 3L360G.  This laser was back hard at work after just a few days at at minimum cost to the owner.


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1L360 360 line laser outdoor levelling package

Why your next rotating laser may not be actually a rotating laser.

Rotating lasers Vs New Generation Outdoor 360 Line Lasers

Traditionally if you wanted a laser level for general site levelling the type of laser you bought would be a rotating laser.  It was a simple selection as rotating lasers could provide levelling capability over a whole job site in any lighting conditions by using an electronic receiver and staff.  There were no alternatives.  In more recent years you could by a line laser with an electronic receiver but the range was limited to 30 or 60m and you could not cover the whole site in one go.  Today, however, with the introduction of RedBack Lasers NEW 360 line laser range this has all changed.  These new generation of 360 degree line lasers provide a full 360 degree coverage much like your rotating lasers and will operate up to 300m diameter again comparable with many rotating lasers.

Rotating lasers do still have a very important role to play in the laser levelling industry, particularly in setting grades and when a millimeter display receiver is required.  But, for general, basic site levelling a RedBack 360 line laser such as the 1L360+P Package is well worth considering.

So what are the Pro’s and Con’s of a basic rotating laser compared to a RedBack 360 line laser with receiver?

So in conclusion if you are looking for a basic site levelling laser for house sized blocks and like the idea of having the ability of using the laser also for interior fit out jobs then a RedBack 360 line laser is the way to go and with Li-ion superior rechargeable batteries as standard are great value.  If you are needing a laser for larger sites such as civil, commercial or agricultural and may want to use a machine receiver and you may need features such as grade then one of the Rotating laser level models is your best choice.

Check out one of RedBack Lasers indoor/outdoor 360 line models.

 1L360R+ with horizontal HERE,

2L360R+ with horiz & vertical HERE

3L360R+ with horiz & 2 vertical HERE

For RedBack Rotating Laser Ranges.

ARL509 basic rotating laser HERE

EL/EGL Electronic Levelling Range HERE

DGL Digital Grade Range HERE

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RedBack Lasers Display

What Type of Laser Level is Right for You – Simple Table

What Type or Style of Laser Level is Right for You

There are a number of different styles of laser level available and each style has advantages and disadvantages for different applications.

Broadly speaking there are indoor and outdoor laser levels.  Indoors lasers predominantly rely on the user visibly seeing the lase line or dot.  Outdoors you cannot reliably see any laser level over any great range due to output limitations.  So as a rule of thumb a laser level to be reliably used outdoors needs to have an electronic receiver to “see” the laser for you.  Outdoor laser levels can be of a rotating or line type as long as they have a receiver.

The table below provides a simple guide which can quickly direct you to the style of laser best suited to your needs.  Once you know which type or style of laser level you need to buy, click on the link button at the bottom of the table to see a range of laser levels that fit into your chosen category.

Line & Dot Lasers Line Lasers with Receivers Rotating Lasers Rotating Grade Lasers
General Indoor Fit Out

General Outdoor Site Levelling

Drainage & Plumbing


Earth Moving & Civil Works

Site Layout/ Squaring


Electrical Installation

Link Link Link Link


Cross – Not suitable at all

1 to 3 stars – Partially suitable with some limitations

4 to 5 stars – Highly suitable


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1L360+P eadback 360 outdoor laser with tripod and staff

RedBack Lasers NEW builders Laser

RedBack Lasers Builders Laser Package 1L360R+P

RedBack Lasers introduces the new standard in Builders Laser.  Traditionally if you wanted a simple to use laser level for general site levelling jobs outdoors, you would choose a rotating laser.  Now, however, there is a choice.  RedBack’s new Auto Levelling L360 range of line lasers and in particular the 1L360R+P.

1L360 360 line laser outdoor levelling package

1L360R+P full outdoor kit

With older technologies line lasers were either purely for indoor installation applications or for limited range jobs outside.  RedBack Lasers new generation of 360 degree line lasers and receivers changes this.

The RedBack 1L360R+P model features a full 360 degree horizontal line and comes with a superior LCD display laser line receiver.  This technology by RedBack Lasers provides a massive 300m Diameter range, making it ideal for most house block sites and beyond.  The 1L360R+P also comes with a Li-ion rechargeable battery which provides superior performance compared to Ni-Mh with up to 20 hours continuous use.  Another advantage over a basic rotating laser is that the 360 line laser has fewer moving parts, particularly, no rotating motor making it potentially more reliable over the long term.  Additionally the 360 line lasers feature Ultra Bright lines so for any indoor fit outs this technology is far brighter than a traditional rotating or line laser level.

For  builders and outdoor levelling the 1L360R+P is the ideal package featuring everything you need.  300m range laser, LL705 electronic LCD receiver with staff clamp, Li-ion Battery Pack and Charger, “AA” Battery holder. Heavy Duty tripod and 2.4m Staff.

Great Value at only


Buy Here

To look at the complete L360 range of line lasers click HERE
L360 Line Laser Range

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RedBack Lasers new fully comprehensive 360 degree line laser range

RedBack Lasers announces it new auto levelling 360 degree line laser range. These lasers are incredibly bright and clear for all your indoor installation and fit out applications. Available as either 1x 360 line, 2x 360 degree line or even 3x 360 degree lines and available in Red or Green lasers. The 3 line models provide horizontal level, two vertical 360 lines at 90 degrees giving vertical alignment, squaring and plumb floor to ceiling. Many of the models in the range even have the ability to operate outdoors in full sun using a line receiver and these models can be purchased with the laser now or added later. These models are not just bright indoors, they offer superior range outdoors using the electronic receiver up to 300m diameter shaming some rotating lasers.

Every model in the range include as standard Li-ion rechargeable battery and charger which provides up to 20 hours of continuous operation.  Each model also includes a standard “AA” battery holder as a back up for when someone forgets to charge it up.  The battery can be charger outside of the laser interdependently so you can carry on working using the standard “AA” cells while it charges.

Build quality of the 360 degree line laser is is extremely good with a rubberised housing on a think plastic casing.  The laser outputs have cast metal covers providing protection for any knocks and minor drops and all models in the range are easily calibrated if the need arises, something other manufacturers make difficult.  The RedBack L360 models all feature pendulum lock as standard providing maximum protection for your tool when in between jobs again something not all manufacturers do.

The 1L360R+ model has ultra bright horizontal 360 degree laser line for indoor levelling jobs but it comes with electronic receiver LLR705 which makes it an ideal laser for outdoor levelling such as general site levelling, slabs for house or sheds, decking, landscaping and more.  The 3L360R and 3L360G models are the ultimate indoor laser providing every feature you could want from level to vertical align to plumb and squaring.  The 3L360R+ includes a receiver so makes the ultimate indoor laser also a very useful outdoor laser.

For a comparison of the full range check HERE

Or stop by your local store and see one in action, you will not believe how bright they are. STORES


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DGL1010GM Digital Grade Match

Hands on with RedBack Lasers DGL1010GM Digital Grade Match Laser

RedBack Lasers DGL1010GM Digital & Auto Grade Match Laser with Millimeter Receiver

The RedBack DGL1010GM has many outstanding features such as digital grade setting from remote to three decimal places, Li-ion power and millimeter display receiver.  But was makes it stand out from the crowd is its ability to automatically grade match.

Setting Grades

So what is automatic grade matching?   It is the ability for the laser level plane to automatically slope up or down and lock onto the height of the receiver on a specified axis.  The LCD Screen on the DGL1010GM then displays the grade achieved between the height of the laser level and the height of the receiver digitally.  Grade is displayed as a percentage to three decimal places.  This can be extremely useful in earth moving, drainage and general civil construction projects.

DGL1010GM Grade Match

In addition the RedBack DGL1010GM can set digital grades on one or both axis up to 10%.   Simply by entering the required grade into the laser levels keypad or into the radio smart remote control.  Also included with the laser level is a fine adjustment plate and telescopic sight which allows quick and accurate alignment of the axis.  Making the grade setting process as accurate as possible.

DGL1010GM Grade Remote   DGL1010GM Grade Axis Scope

The heavy duty receiver supplied with the DGL1010GM is pretty special too.  Not only does it communicate with the laser level for automatic grade match but it also has a millimeter display.  The millimeter display indicates +45mm and -45mm above or below level and the level bar itself has 3 accuracy settings; +/- 1mm, 5mm and 9mm level bands.

DGL1010GM Grade Match RF ReceiverDGL1010GM millimeter display receiver

More Features

Further Features of the RedBack Lasers DGL1010GM include V-W-S which is Vibration and Wind Settings.  Normally with electronic self levelling lasers if once rotating vibrations are detected the laser will stop rotating adjust level and start rotating again.  On a windy day or near heavy machinery these small adjustments can become so frequent that working becomes difficult. With V-W-S activated, the DGL1010GM continues to rotate during these minor adjustments.  The laser level will, however, still stop rotating after major disturbances.  Another feature is TILT, this is like tilt on a pinball machine.  If the laser has a major vibration or someone kicks the tripod by accident the laser will stop rotating.  It will not re-start until you tell it to do so.  TILT is a warning that something has changed and you may want to re-check you datum before continuing.

Vertical Operation

The DGL1010GM can also operate on its side for vertical alignment and site layout applications utilising the side mounting plate.  When on its side the rotating beam is now vertical and at 90 degrees to this is a laser dot and a site square can be accomplished.  To do this you electronically aim the dot laser to a target left to right by pressing and holding the grade/slope arrow buttons, which one you press determines whether it moves to the left or the right. The longer you hold the arrow buttons the faster the dot moves.

  • Place datum marker over the datum point marking the conjunction of the 90 degree lines.
  • Roughly align laser housing so dot is striking target point along the one line of the 90 degrees, then use the direction buttons to electronically fine tune this alignment.
  • Once the dot is on the target use the receiver to pick up the rotating line on the second line of the 90 degree. Your square is now set.

DGL1010GM Side Mount

DGL1010GM Site Square

Whilst on its side the DGL1010GM’s automatic grade match facility can be used for automatically aligning of the vertical beam by using the receiver on its side.  Again the laser will automatically hunt for the receiver and lock onto it. This features makes this laser level handy for fence alignment applications as well as other construction jobs.

The DGL1010GM can also be used inside for visible installation  work to produce both vertical and horizontal laser lines.  The beam is intensified with the scan line mode. Which means instead of the laser rotating a full 360 degrees it draws a line left and right.  The size and position of this line can be adjusted using the remote control.

Li-ion Power

The laser level itself is powered by a superior Li-ion battery pack that can be charge either whilst inserted into the laser or externally.  The DGL1010GM also comes with a standard “D” cell battery holder so you can carry on with your work when someone forgets to charge the battery.  The smart remote control unit and millimeter receiver use “AA” Alkaline batteries.


The build quality for this laser is impressive with full cast metal internal chassis and heavy rubbersied outer housing.

DGL1010GM Quality Built

The DGL1010GM comes with a certificate of calibration and an automatic 5 year warranty with no registration required.  So you sure the laser level is ready to get straight to work.  In conclusion the RedBack DGL1010GM is a professional laser levelling and grading system  packed with features you will be pressed to find on other lasers levels twice its cost.

For more details and specification check out the DGL1010GM automatic grade match laser HERE

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