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CMI Laaser Level Servicing and Repair

Calibration & Servicing – Most brands and Models.

We not only calibrate and service RedBack and Level1 Lasers we can also cater for most other brands on the Australian Market.

We have extensive experience with; Topcon, Leica Rugby, Spectra, Pro Shot, Lufkin, Geo Fennel, Unilevel, Sokkia, PLS, Stanley, CPI, Powerline, Imex and many others.

Our Service facility located in Geelong Victoria, services laser levels from all over Australia.

Calibration is performed on our custom built CCTV calibration station, providing optimum performance and accuracy for visible rotating lasers. line and Dot Lasers. We have additional calibration stations for Optical Dumpy Levels and invisible beam rotating lasers. Lasers and Levels calibrated by us are provided, at no extra cost, with a calibration certificate stating Make and Model calibrated, Serial Number if available, technician who performed the calibration and date calibrated. Repairs are carried out, where possible, with original manufacturers spare parts. All substantial repairs are quoted on first for approval before going ahead.  Any quoted repair not approved can be returned un-repaired for a cost of $45 plus GST plus additional freight for remote locations.

Call us on 1800 769 858